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At the moment, our product, shark skin graters includes OEM products used all over the world for example in France, England, Germany, and the US.
We hope our shark skin graters will be used more around the world as a hand made traditional cooking tool. Garting a fresh wasabi root is part of Japanese cuisine culture.
We also introduce typical Japanese fresh wasabi as a herbal medicine.
Fresh wasabi was not only used as a spice but also considered medicinal with an idea that food is medicine in 685 in Asuka era.
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WORLD VISION CO., LTD. manufactures and sells Wasabi graters made of shark skin which have been said from ancient times to be the best for grating green horseradish.
We hope that you always have it beside you when you are at Sushi restaurants or Soba restaurants, when you eat your favorite sashimi (raw fish), and when you want to add some spice to your regular meal and so on.

Tha reason shark skin wasabi grater is recommended
Today because fresh wasabi roots are very expensive, even lost of high class restaurants mix fresh wasabi with powdered wasabi.
We should enjoy this valuable food, fresh wasabi. The secret to enjoying fresh wasabi is how to grate it. Using a shark skin grater has long been said to be the best way grate fresh wasabi. Grating a fresh wasabi root in circular motion will bring out the best taste and flavor.
Each shark skin grater is made with great care from the heart and we highly recommend it.
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